Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Miss me?

So yes. I haven't posted in a while. Get off my back Internet!!! I'm only one person!

So I've been working on a post that is both comprehensive and full of pictures and videos condensing all the superawesomeamazingness that was our trip to St. Maarten, but have been not only super ultra busy, but also completely unmotivated and distracted. One of the reasons you fine followers of the Blogster haven't gotten a post recently is due, in part, to this. We've started watching Breaking Bad. We just can't stop. I sit with my laptop thinking "I'll multi-task. Yes. Let's watch an episode and I'll type away while keeping one eye on the tv and getting the gist of what's going on". And then....I can' glued....This show is really truly amazing and you must see it. I command you.'ll wait. 


No I won't. I don't have that kind of time.

So that's one excuse. And it's a damn good one if you ask me. We went to see The Hurt Locker this weekend and I'm pretty sure that part of the reason this movie didn't pull me in as much as it did others is because the intensity doesn't even compare to that of Breaking Bad. Dan says it gets even better in the second season and I honestly can't even imagine how.

Also. Go see Funny People. Now. I'll wait......