Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let them eat cake!!

I made appointments for us to go cake tasting on April 3rd. Yay! That should be fun, right? I agree. We've got appointments at two different bakeries that work with our venue to work it into our catering package..... so as to avoid incidents like the one below.

I LOL-ed (he he. nice.) at work when I saw this clip because it's just....SO. TRUE. sigh.

oh weddings. you are a wacky wacky beast.

video found on a desert fete
clip from Man Stroke Woman

seriously though. CAKE.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy Little Bees

Thanks guys, you're swell....and I really appreciate all the kind words and support...sometimes you just need to be told you're being a crazy person.

I am getting SO excited for July 31st and am realizing just how quickly these next four months are going to go. SO much to do! and it's getting harder and harder to fit it all in. Chris has spent the last two weeks working a ton of overtime (getting home at 11 Friday night. boo!) and with me spending days working, nights and saturdays trying to finish my teaching hours for my certification it's all we can do to log some quality couch snuggle time on Sunday just to start it all over on Monday. We've also got the looming project of fixing up our guest room and turning it into a functional office/guest room. We bought a kick ass (read: expensive) sofa bed for the that is both a comfortable bed and couch...and it arrived on Friday. Problem? Needing to rent a truck and go pick it up. Laziness (read: hangover) got the best of us this Sunday and we will be gone next weekend...wonder how long they'll hold it...

Hopefully we'll get to our minor room remodel of new baseboards and trim and some paint before the wedding. On the horizon is also some new sod for the front and backyard. I would show you our back lawn, but it's too embarrassing for the internet. It's just a bunch of dead grass, thriving weeds and a giant dirt hole courtesy of Indy. You get the idea...not summer BBQ worthy. It's times like this that I really want to win the lotto. Being independently wealthy would solve 93% of my problems.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome to my neurosis. Grab a bean bag chair and a juice box...

I have about half a dozen unfinished drafts of posts that I just either haven't gotten around to posting or have thought better of posting due to writing while emotional or just plain venting and not wanting anyone to take my post too personally....This wedding planning is CUHRAZY!

I think even the few people that read this blog would never realize what an insecure people pleaser I can be (I can hear them scoffing now), but damn if wedding planning doesn't just bring that out in me... When it's just the two of us making decisions I get excited, it's easy (...ok...that might be a total lie...easier). But when you take the parts of the wedding that include our community...the community of friends and family that we so desperately want to include in our day...that's when things get stressful. I was discussing with a friend the other night about whether to have a socal bridal shower in addition to the one being thrown for me up north...and ended up saying (without even really thinking about this before I said it) that all I'm really worried about it that no one feels inconvenienced by our wedding. Gah! I, personally, have never ever felt inconvenienced or put out by a bridal shower, or bachelorette party or wedding...not even a little. I have felt excited and honored to be included....but when it comes to our wedding I just imagine everyone sitting around rolling their eyes and with big heavy sighs saying "another event surrounding their wedding??? geeeeeez....I'd rather be home mowing my lawn". Chris and I were talking last night about how we're wondering if our friends in LA are just seeing this as "the thing they are doing on their saturday night" because they'll just drive in....when it's such a HUGE day for us...such a huge happy day. Or I worry that out of town guests or bridal party members resent the money they will spend to fly in or go to events. All this insecurity and anxiety has left me with a knot in my stomach most days that's hard to shake and hard to explain. I know a lot of brides to be stress about what color linens or flowers to go with...and those choices are not at all what I find stressful about planning, but this stuff? GAH!! Maybe I'm just being crazy and overly sensitive...but I'm pretty sure I need to chill the eff out about it all.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just because....

Because how could this not make you smile....just look at him! LOOK AT HIM!!!