Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let them eat cake!!

I made appointments for us to go cake tasting on April 3rd. Yay! That should be fun, right? I agree. We've got appointments at two different bakeries that work with our venue to work it into our catering package..... so as to avoid incidents like the one below.

I LOL-ed (he he. nice.) at work when I saw this clip because it's just....SO. TRUE. sigh.

oh weddings. you are a wacky wacky beast.

video found on a desert fete
clip from Man Stroke Woman

seriously though. CAKE.


Meghan said...

LOL! ... just got around to watching this. hilarious and you're right - :) have fun tomorrow!

Jamie said...

nice. and true. :) said...

The transition from tropical to tundra has got to be hard. I loved Michigan though and bet you'll love it too. Make sure you have AC wherever you are living for the summer. Though, you might be climatized for heat and humidity having lived where you did. I just about died the first week of our move to MI from heat. I was kind of a mental case at the time with a new baby and moving. Hope you're having a great time!