Sunday, May 29, 2011

Because homemade is always better.

Sunday is the only day both Chris and I don't have to work- usually (as I write this he is actually at work today....Sunday...on Memorial Day weekend....ugh...go figure) and I look forward to this day every week. Sundays used to be about pancakes around this house.....and we've become masters of a delicious blueberry pancake (I'm on blueberry duty.). But for the past few months Sundays have been all about waffles. The quest for the perfect rich buttermilk waffle. Crisp on the outside, fluffy and light on the inside...we're really almost there...the last few Sunday have been phenomenal on the waffle front. This week, I got it in my brain though that the perfect accompaniment to homemade waffles would be homemade butter....and the product of homemade butter is buttermilk which can then be used in the waffles! Genius!

So this morning.....I made butter. Oh....what's that? You'd like to know how??? OK! I'll tell you!

Step 1: Heavy cream goes into fancy food processor that you got as a wedding present and that your husband insists you didn't want but he convinced you and oh now look who loves it! (phffffttt...)
Step 2: Turn fancy food processor on and let the cream go from liquid to beautiful whipped cream and then into the phase where it starts to break apart and separate from the liquid....all while your husband stands over your shoulder going "ooooh look! it's changing!". He's cute, that one. :)

Step 3: The liquid that separates is buttermilk. Pour it out pressing the butter with a spatula to get even more liquid out. Save that delicious buttermilk for the waffles you'll're going to make waffles aren't you???? (sidenote: like my manicure? It's called "booty camp" cuz it's pink camouflage. I'm so hardcore.)

Step 4 ( picture...I was busy doing step 4): rinse the butter with very cold water....drain off the liquid and wash again until the water is no longer cloudy.

Step 5: Mix a few pinches of salt (even if normally you use unsalted butter) into the butter and place in small bowl pressing out air bubbles with spatula. And BOOM! Fresh creamery there anything bettah? (british accent necessary). Seriously....this butter is amazing.....I know it sounds stupid to describe it this way...but it was just!

Step 6: Make waffles (slather with fresh butter), turkey bacon and french press coffee.....and watch Meet The Press (followed by discussions about the ridiculous idea of Sarah Palin running for President and medicare with husband). And that's our Sunday morning.

Indy says "they know I love the waffles and the bacons...but they never offer me any."

He's so abused.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Little Things

Sometimes we just need to be reminded about how many amazing moments there are to be found in life.

I just discovered this blog......and you should spend some time there. Especially if you're having a rough day. I could keep posting, but these are a few that I love.

I would add:

* Hearing "I love you" first.


* When a little kid runs across the room in excitement to hug you.