Tuesday, April 22, 2008

There are no words...

too cute....must....look.......away......

Sunday, April 20, 2008

DEAL!!! or......maybe NO DEAL!!!

This past Saturday I decided it was time to bite the bullet and go audition for 'Deal or No Deal'. This is the only game show I have ever actively wanted to be on. The reasons being that A.) you don't need to know anything about 19th century neoexistentialists painters (is that a thing?), B.) there's no chance you're going to covered in slime and C.) you don't have to guess the retail price of laundry detergent PLUS you almost never go home empty handed.

The auditions were from 10am-1pm and anyone in line by 1:00pm was guaranteed an interview. Knowing that crazy people would have been lined up from 6pm the previous night I decided it was best to get there at the latest by 9:00am and hoping upon hopes the line wasn't unreasonably long. Chris and I arrived at 8:40am. To this line.

(Those were just the people in front of us. 10 minutes after we got in line there were even more people behind us)

The line started moving pretty rapidly at 10:00am and Chris and I got hopeful that we might actually be able to salvage some of our day and hopefully not be in line for 6 hours.

5 1/2 hours later....we got to the front. When we had gotten in line at 8:40am with some coffee and an apple fritter I was all jokes, high energy and feeling good about being spontaneous and witty in front of strangers with the only intention of judging my personality. By 1:45pm having stood in line outside and only eaten some pretzel sticks I was having a hard time maintaining a high energy level, but was told that we would be separated into groups of ten and then put in front of one Casting Director with 30 seconds to 'sell' ourselves. Some people would be selected to move on to a second tent to go in front of even more Casting Directors. That was obviously a good thing.

Me in line about to get my shot in front of the casting director.

(after seeing this picture I vow to never make that face in public again)

"And I do a mean chewbaca impression...."

Out of our group of ten four of us were asked to stay and the rest were sent home. He gave the other three people orange tickets and told them to proceed to the second tent. He asked me to stay to chat. I couldn't tell if this was good (he really liked me and wanted to chat more) or not so good (he wasn't sure if he wanted me to move on so decided to ask me a couple more questions).

"And I was born in Brazil..."

"Oh yea?? Here's your yellow ticket. Go to tent B".

"Blah blah...funny funny things...blah blah...give me lots of free money...blah blah"

All in all I think the day went as well as I could have hoped for. My only fear was that I would spend all day there and feel like it was a waste. I made it to the second round of interviews and feel like I made the best impression I could have...you know...after standing in line outside for six hours. So let's all keep our fingers crossed and hope that I get a call!!! Eek!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


A big Happy Birthday shout out to the best mom in the world!!!

I hope you're having a wonderful day and i wish I could be there with you to celebrate!!!

I love you!!

Totally important life changing things in this post....get ready.

So we're going to just side step the 7 days of horrible excrutiating pain that started with the world's worst move from the house to our new apartment in North Hollywood (10 hours!!!) and then moved to me getting violently ill immediately following (yes there was throwing up in a Starbucks bathroom....even Indy's water bowl wasn't safe....sorry buddy) then coming down with the regular flu and then breaking out in hives. Yes. It was awesome. Thank you for asking.

Moving on. Now things are looking up! Once I started feeling like a human being again (that moment of course is marked by me taking a real shower... complete with hair washing and leg shaving...too much?) I started to be able to appreciate all the good things that have come along with this move. Here's a handy list for reference:

1.) saving money on rent (have yet to feel that savings...but it will come soon I'm sure)
2.) extreme proximity to my work (1.7 miles! whoo!)
3.) being able to go home to let Indy out at lunch and STILL meet people for lunch!
4.) being back amongst civilization and not trapped out in the boonies!
5.) Chris' commute has been cut in half thus allowing him to show up at home sooner and less irritable. Happiness ensues.
6.) Indy is being forced to deal with constant encounters with people and other dogs and is going to hopefully, one day, not go completely nuts with excitement upon seeing another doggy.

The whole point of this move (besides being forced out by crazy landlord wench) was to save money while we look for a house...I'm starting to worry that we'll get too comfy and not want to move back to Reseda (basically the only area we can afford to buy). But for the time being I'm just going to sit back, enjoy the beautiful weather, the slow period at work and the extra moola in me pocket! Hurray!


This Saturday I will be attending the open casting call for Deal or No Deal!!!!!! I know!!! I'm excited TOO!!!!

So I'm fully aware that this is going to burn my entire Saturday and I"m only half way prepared for that. BUT!!! If I end up on Deal or No Deal and win a ton of cold hard cash and get to buy a nice house then it will all be worth it!!!!!! (editors note: this blog is written with complete admittance of my delusions of grandeur)

So here is my very super duper important dilemma: curly or straight hair for the open call? Here's the case for both. I think I, objectively, look better with straight hair. I think it flatters my giant facial features (cough nose cough forehead) but sometimes I think people perceive me as more serious with straight hair. Girls are not as friendly when i have straight hair. Curly hair I think is more approachable, bouncy and friendly. BUT I don't think it looks as good and I'll admit that I am not as confident when meeting new people with curly hair. I want you to know that as I type this I start to feel like I'm being crazy, but as multiple girl friends of mine will admit I am not and that this is a valid query (yes. i said query). So if you find this topic boring or think it falls into the category of stupid girl stuff...I will thank you to visit another blog. Sir.

Ok. What do you think??? (rests hands on chin and stares at screen anxiously awaiting suggestions...then remembers to hit "publish post")

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"These pillows were lumpy"- by Indiana Bones

"So I ate them"

"I'm sorry. I was just trying to help."