Friday, July 24, 2009

We've got worms!!!

Whew! Indy is alright. He's just got a little case of....put your sandwich down....TAPEWORMS!!! Yay! I'm not sure what I was preparing myself for but the tension that I felt leave my shoulders when Chris called and said the vet seemed unimpressed and just prescribed a shitload of medicine for little guy was immense. Turns out he could have had these little suckers living in his stomach for a very long time and only now showed symptoms...what timing he has! 

The other big news from this vet's visit is that Indy now weighs in at a whopping 96lbs!!! And that's WITH a gnarly case of mud butt. Good lordy! When we adopted Indy at 3 months old he weighed 25lbs and the rescue agency said he's end up somewhere in the 40-60lb range. That's our boy.....breaking the glass ceiling...with one whip of his 30lb tail.

Now.......we can relax knowing that Indy is in good hands and enjoy our trip to ST. MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!


A little rain cloud...

So....the day is finally here. We leave tonight for a full week of tropical weather and no work. I'm beyond of yesterday afternoon I, in front of coworkers, had a moment where I realized I would be on vacation laying on the beach without dealing with work for an entire 7 days and let out a giant SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! 

But today I'm more worried than excited. Our poor Indy bones has had an upset stomach all week and I've been trying to soothe it by feeding him chicken and rice and some doggy kaopectate....but last night when I got home I noticed some....shall we say...."infested doggy byproduct" (yea...I went there) and am pretty sure my little pupcelot has some kind of parasite. Normally my control freak motherly instinct would do whatever it took to get him in to the vet right away no matter how late to work I was, but because I've got a ton to do at work so I can actually relax for a week away, Chris is planning on taking Indy to the vet at 4:00 today. We leave for the airport only 4.5 hours later...I'm not 100% sure of my own diagnosis since there's been, shall we say, some "other weird poo" (Yes. We're talking about dog poo today. Deal with it) and I'm just all sorts of worried. Normally I wouldn't stress about something like this, but the idea of our muttpuppy being sick while we're gone gives me anxiety. Thank god my friend Sam will be house/dog sitting for us while we're gone and I trust her completely to take care of Indy, but I can't help but kick myself for not taking him in to the vet earlier...just to be sure before we left. 

Well....keep your fingers crossed it's nothing a little medicine and head scratches can't fix.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer 2009

Ok....yes....yes...I've been absent....very absent....but with very good reason!!!

Now what was that reason.....

Yes! Busy!

We have been going NONSTOP since about the end of May and while I am totally exhausted it's all been such fun and good stuff that I wouldn't have traded any of it for extra sleep. I am, however, totally ready for our TRIP TO ST. MAARTEN!!!!


We attended my cousin Pete and his beautiful bride Grace's wedding in June. The ceremony was intimate and beautiful and the reception fun and relaxed. of the best weddings I've been to. Congrats you two! And don't think I wasn't getting ideas for our wedding! 

Seriously...look how happy they are!!!! It's just disgusting! 

The following weekend my parents came down south with my grandma and we took a little trip to the most place on earth! DISNEYLAND! I have to say this was probably one of the most enjoyable trips to Disneyland we've taken, partly due to Chris and my "just engaged" buttons that got us smiles and congratulations from all the Disney employees, but mostly due to the fact that my grandma agreed to use a wheelchair while traversing the park and we got to bypass a lot of the lines and move straight on up to the front! HELLS TO THE YEEEEA!!!  Check out these pictures in lieu of actual words!

The following two pictures are part of the reason I'm marrying chris. :)

I think we've found what we're wearing to the much for not seeing the bride all dressed up before the big day!
I also like this one cuz chris' hat is a hat wearing a hat.

We also spent a glorious three nights in Palm Springs for 4th of July at an amazing house we rented with some friends....I could post a lot of pictures from that weekend but the best way to encapsulate it is with the one photo below....
and to tell you that it was 110 degrees the entire weekend....and that because of a mixup with the pool instructions we ended up heating the pool to the same temperature as the spa...a balmy 103 degrees....turns out all we really needed was a garden hose and some sprinklers to run through...cuz those certainly did the trick.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Couldn't let today go by without saying....

There's lots to cover here....we've been insanely busy these last few weeks and my dance card has been full every single weekend since May and it's not looking open at all until...well....August, but it's all good fun stuff and I'm not complaining...

Where do I begin??

Oh yes! :)  Happy 30th Birthday to my one and only fiancĂ©. 

Today my favorite person in the entire world turns the big 3-0 and it sure does look good on him.
What? It's not cruel to post a photo of someone eating a banana just upon waking up after a night of it?

Anyway......we just got back from a great dinner at AOC Winebar, a place I've been wanting to check out for years, but haven't because....well.....because every time I have to think of somewhere to go eat I forget about the places I've been wanting to try for years. At this point in life though I've realized that one of my favorite things is to eat tapas and wine in good company and this place did not disappoint....neither did the company. It was fancy without being pretentious with good food (especially the cheese and wine) to back up the reputation. 

This weekend we've got a BBQ planned to celebrate Chris' birthday with friends and in just a couple weeks we'll be in St. Martin!!!!! So much excitement....but it's late and I'm suhleeeeepy..

More photos of our recent trip to Disneyland and Palm Springs coming soon!