Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer 2009

Ok....yes....yes...I've been absent....very absent....but with very good reason!!!

Now what was that reason.....

Yes! Busy!

We have been going NONSTOP since about the end of May and while I am totally exhausted it's all been such fun and good stuff that I wouldn't have traded any of it for extra sleep. I am, however, totally ready for our TRIP TO ST. MAARTEN!!!!


So...here's what's been going on...

We attended my cousin Pete and his beautiful bride Grace's wedding in June. The ceremony was intimate and beautiful and the reception fun and relaxed. Overall....one of the best weddings I've been to. Congrats you two! And don't think I wasn't getting ideas for our wedding! 

Seriously...look how happy they are!!!! It's just disgusting! 

The following weekend my parents came down south with my grandma and we took a little trip to the most expensive....er...commercial....er....hottest....er...happiest place on earth! DISNEYLAND! I have to say this was probably one of the most enjoyable trips to Disneyland we've taken, partly due to Chris and my "just engaged" buttons that got us smiles and congratulations from all the Disney employees, but mostly due to the fact that my grandma agreed to use a wheelchair while traversing the park and we got to bypass a lot of the lines and move straight on up to the front! HELLS TO THE YEEEEA!!!  Check out these pictures in lieu of actual words!

The following two pictures are part of the reason I'm marrying chris. :)

I think we've found what we're wearing to the wedding....so much for not seeing the bride all dressed up before the big day!
I also like this one cuz chris' hat is a hat wearing a hat.

We also spent a glorious three nights in Palm Springs for 4th of July at an amazing house we rented with some friends....I could post a lot of pictures from that weekend but the best way to encapsulate it is with the one photo below....
and to tell you that it was 110 degrees the entire weekend....and that because of a mixup with the pool instructions we ended up heating the pool to the same temperature as the spa...a balmy 103 degrees....turns out all we really needed was a garden hose and some sprinklers to run through...cuz those certainly did the trick.


Jackie and Dave said...

Your parents were down in SoCal AGAIN and you didn't call...so sad.

"T-Bone" Lee said...

We are at Disneyland!!!!

I'm sorry :(....

This summer we will have you over...we'll BBQ, you can see the house. I promise. :)

Megan said...

Have SO MUCH FUN on vacation! You leave tomorrow, right? xoxo