Friday, July 24, 2009

A little rain cloud...

So....the day is finally here. We leave tonight for a full week of tropical weather and no work. I'm beyond of yesterday afternoon I, in front of coworkers, had a moment where I realized I would be on vacation laying on the beach without dealing with work for an entire 7 days and let out a giant SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! 

But today I'm more worried than excited. Our poor Indy bones has had an upset stomach all week and I've been trying to soothe it by feeding him chicken and rice and some doggy kaopectate....but last night when I got home I noticed some....shall we say...."infested doggy byproduct" (yea...I went there) and am pretty sure my little pupcelot has some kind of parasite. Normally my control freak motherly instinct would do whatever it took to get him in to the vet right away no matter how late to work I was, but because I've got a ton to do at work so I can actually relax for a week away, Chris is planning on taking Indy to the vet at 4:00 today. We leave for the airport only 4.5 hours later...I'm not 100% sure of my own diagnosis since there's been, shall we say, some "other weird poo" (Yes. We're talking about dog poo today. Deal with it) and I'm just all sorts of worried. Normally I wouldn't stress about something like this, but the idea of our muttpuppy being sick while we're gone gives me anxiety. Thank god my friend Sam will be house/dog sitting for us while we're gone and I trust her completely to take care of Indy, but I can't help but kick myself for not taking him in to the vet earlier...just to be sure before we left. 

Well....keep your fingers crossed it's nothing a little medicine and head scratches can't fix.


Meghan said...

poor indy :( i'm sure he's gonna be just fine and really, you've got the best person on the job to take care of him while you're gone. i will definitely cross my fingers for a speedy recovery! (those parasites are G-R-O-S-S!!!)

on a lighter note, have fun! :)

Daniel Lee said...

Indy is way too important. He really needs his mommy and daddy at this worrisome time.

Kelly and I will happily take the tickets off your hands so you can stay home and tend to your sick puppy.