Friday, July 24, 2009

We've got worms!!!

Whew! Indy is alright. He's just got a little case of....put your sandwich down....TAPEWORMS!!! Yay! I'm not sure what I was preparing myself for but the tension that I felt leave my shoulders when Chris called and said the vet seemed unimpressed and just prescribed a shitload of medicine for little guy was immense. Turns out he could have had these little suckers living in his stomach for a very long time and only now showed symptoms...what timing he has! 

The other big news from this vet's visit is that Indy now weighs in at a whopping 96lbs!!! And that's WITH a gnarly case of mud butt. Good lordy! When we adopted Indy at 3 months old he weighed 25lbs and the rescue agency said he's end up somewhere in the 40-60lb range. That's our boy.....breaking the glass ceiling...with one whip of his 30lb tail.

Now.......we can relax knowing that Indy is in good hands and enjoy our trip to ST. MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!


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Daniel Lee said...

Bummer. I already had my bag packed and everything.

Um... did you fill out your PT forms?