Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Couldn't let today go by without saying....

There's lots to cover here....we've been insanely busy these last few weeks and my dance card has been full every single weekend since May and it's not looking open at all until...well....August, but it's all good fun stuff and I'm not complaining...

Where do I begin??

Oh yes! :)  Happy 30th Birthday to my one and only fiancĂ©. 

Today my favorite person in the entire world turns the big 3-0 and it sure does look good on him.
What? It's not cruel to post a photo of someone eating a banana just upon waking up after a night of drinking....is it?

Anyway......we just got back from a great dinner at AOC Winebar, a place I've been wanting to check out for years, but haven't because....well.....because every time I have to think of somewhere to go eat I forget about the places I've been wanting to try for years. At this point in life though I've realized that one of my favorite things is to eat tapas and wine in good company and this place did not disappoint....neither did the company. It was fancy without being pretentious with good food (especially the cheese and wine) to back up the reputation. 

This weekend we've got a BBQ planned to celebrate Chris' birthday with friends and in just a couple weeks we'll be in St. Martin!!!!! So much excitement....but it's late and I'm suhleeeeepy..

More photos of our recent trip to Disneyland and Palm Springs coming soon!



Jackie and Dave said...

Happy Birthday, Chris!!!!!

Megan said...

Happy 30th Chris!! :)

Daniel Lee said...

That is the finest photo of Chris I have ever seen.