Sunday, June 19, 2011

7 years (and 9 months)

7 years ago (yesterday)....chris and I decided to stop pussy footing around the issue and declare that yes...we were indeed....."dating" (we'd already been dating for about 9 months). eek! Two years ago (yesterday) he asked me to marry him.......and a year ago (yesterday) we were just a month and half away from getting married. We celebrated by pulling some carrots from our {organic} garden, opening up a bottle of Syrah I gave him as a gift for this same occasion last year and roasting a rack of lamb with cous cous and sauteed carrots (in butter and brown sugar of course). Finished the whole thing off with some carmelized peaches and vanilla bean ice cream. Nom!

The only picture I have of the occasion is this:
of our first harvest......

....because when I'm spending an awesome night drinking wine with the man I love...I forget to take pictures. :)

As a side note: I totally burned my fingers on spattered caramel. It hurts. War wounds.