Friday, April 2, 2010

Can we just do an evite?

After a mini meltdown last night over the fact that the woman who is "supposed" to be designing our invitations hasn't emailed me in three weeks (!!) and I have no idea if she is even doing our invitations despite repeated desperate emails:

chris: "If we have to fire a vendor, we'll fire a vendor"
me: *sniff*
chris: "We'll hire a vendor just to fire them in front of the other vendors....We'll gather them all in one place and make an example of out em."

It's funny how the one wedding "detail" that was never even really a huge priority to me (invitations) has turned into the biggest hassle.

On the bright side we are going cake tasting that's fun.

UPDATE: She emailed me today...saying that she would send a proof tonight....I'm not holding my breath.


Angie said...

Let them eat cake!!

Megan said...

Did she send the proof? I remember being super stressed over my invites, too...hang in there! You're onto something with the evite idea. :) said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time while you were down there. Where will you be going from there???! Lake Shasta? Ha, I wish...You look great.