Monday, May 19, 2008

TV Shows and Nasal Deformities

I apologize to both of you reading this for not posting anything for a while. I actually had a post I was working on...involving pictures and witty captions, but our home internet connection has been painfully and unexplainably slow lately and uploading pictures became a test to my patience. 

The current update in the goings on of me is that I did get called back for another Deal or No Deal audition. It was exactly two weeks ago and I have hesitated to write about it simply because I don't feel very confident that I'll be hearing from them again. There were about 40 people in my call back group ranging from people who had been waiting a year for this call to a fellow who had never even seen the show but was approached by a casting associate. 

We all got up in front of the Casting Director, a video camera and the rest of the group and talked about ourselves. The crazy thing was that I wasn't nervous at all. The problem was that I didn't feel like I showed my goofy side. We were told that if "we were good enough" (yes,that's a quote) we might be contacted to be on the show as soon as two weeks (hey! that's today!) or 9 months (boo!) or not at all (double boo!). 

I got a phone call this morning from an unknown number. The last time I got a phone call from the show it was from an unknown number.....I admit....I got a little excited. Turns was my doctor's office. About 5 weeks ago I got elbowed in the nose during a tragic kickball accident by a former marine who's name will remain anonymous. Last week I went in to get an x ray and..... 

I have a nondisplaced fracture of my nasal bone!!! 

I wish I could post the x rays...hell...I wish I could see the x rays. 

Apparently there's nothing to be done and it should heal on it's own. I'm just hoping this bump goes away sometime soon. The last thing I need is a bigger nose. 


Meghan said...

yay! a post!! :)

boo, a fractured nose :(

i just have to say that picture is taken at such a hilarious angle it makes your head look gigantic and your body look soooo tiny!

keeping my fingers crossed they call you for the show!!

"T-Bone" Lee said...

you're right. that is a weird picture. but it shows the jacked upness of my shnoz. and check out my super vein on my bicep. which way to the weight room?

Meghan said...

LOL! I was totally going to comment on your arm. Holy crap, freak! :)

is your nose going to heal??

Dustin said...