Monday, December 3, 2007

It's beginning to sort of look a little like Christmas...

In the interest of not being a delinquent blogger I feel the need to give a brief update as to the current goings on at the Lee (ok... Lee/LaMons) household. In preparation for our holiday party next weekend (consider this your formal invitation) Chris and I started the task of decorating for the holidays. I only slightly documented the event since we sort of stopped mid way to take care of some much needed doggy excercising and grocery shopping...not to mention I whipped up a healthy (and surprisingly deeleecious) chicken enchilada casserole for dinner (a recipe I am totally willing to dole out to interested parties- "Ask me about my casserole!")


Doesn't he look cute when he's perched precariously on a pseduo makeshift ladder??

Our first set of outdoor Christmas lights....all the neighbors started putting their lights up too...we're convinced we started the trend and that it's not just that this is when everyone does it.

I swear I got further in decorating the tree, but forgot to take a picture. So...this is our naked tree. We picked a good one!

Indy was trying to read up on the cancer fighting benefits of kibble in my latest issue of Health magazine. You can't blame him for destroying the magazine...a lack of opposable thumbs makes it hard to manipulate the thin pages.


Mateja said...
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Linus said...

Chris would look better after a date with my fist.