Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome to the New Year... I've become a delinquent blogger...but quite frankly...the holidays were too busy to be bothered with sitting in front of a computer and uploading pictures...I'm just not that commited...I'll admit it. I'm ok with it. :)

Anyhoo...we'll skip right over posting pictures of the finished christmas tree or the totally awesome wreath I made (I'm so crafty!) and move right on to the good stuff. Our Christmas party was a raging success despite my lack of pictures from the party.

Christmas was spent with my parents and dan and kelly up in norcal. Indy came with me and Chris joined us on the 26th. Good times were had by all. Lots of delicious food was eaten, an obnoxious amount of board games were played, a ginger bread house constructed (complete with crime scene and a dog with a digestive disorder), and lots of good presents exchanged.

There's a lesson to be learned here about rooftop safey.

We came back to Los Angeles for New Years and spent the night playing Rock Band (video game...come on people...get with the times), a strange game dustin made up that involved some charades and just generally had a good time.

Here's Chris acting out myspace...and Dustin guessing everything from "My Area" to "My Bubble" but NOT "myspace".

The New Years crew: Bill (not smiling per usual), Ginger, Chris, Me, Dustin and Sam. Go team!

Good times were had by all. More to come when I'm feeling inspired. It's rainy and overcast here in Los Angeles and I should probably go ahead and start my Saturday. I hope everyone had a terrific Christmas, spoiled their loved ones and rang in the New Year with good company and good champagne.


Megan said...

I miss you! You look beautiful in your pics - so happy, and I laughed out loud checking out your "rooftop safety" picture. Only you! :) I love you!

the godmother said...

So glad you are back! You were missed! I am so glad that you had such a great Christmas and New Year's Eve. Love your ginger bread house! Would really like to see those pics of your finished Christmas tree and that "totally awesome" wreath you made. How did Indy do with the noise on New Year's Eve? Kobe spent about half an hour on your godfather's lap as he tried to calm himself as the firecrackers in the neighborhood went off. Not an easy feet for a Chow/Golden Retriever mix! Anyway...hope 2008 brings nothing but happiness to you and Chris and more visits with your godparents! :) We love you!

Linus said...

When you're at your parents' house, you physically LOOK younger.

You are a chameleon