Friday, February 22, 2008

Buying stock in U-Haul.

I moved to Los Angeles in June of 2003. I lived for about a year and a half in a run down but cozy apartment in a cute part of town before deciding I needed to try living solo. I ended up in a fume filled studio apartment infested with tiny little cockroaches located in a bad part of town where my car was broken into. I spent 6 months there, broke my lease and moved into a brand new (although cramped) townhouse in Toluca Lake. After a year in that apartment my roommate decided to move back to Chicago (a decision i think we can all agree is a bad one :) ) and I decided to move in with Chris into his spacious hollywood high rise apartment. After nine months there we moved into our current house in Reseda where we've been for a year. Our lease is up in April. June 2003-April 2008. 4 years and 10 months. Our landlord (who if you remember from previous posts is a lying bitch with no soul) has decided to do some kind of construction on the house and has politely (via letter and of course no personal contact of any kind) asked us to move out at the end of our lease. This will be the sixth time I've moved in less than 5 years. I'm fairly certain all my friends with strong backs are running for hills as we speak.

Chris and I have been entertaining the idea of taking advantage of the current slump in the los angeles real estate market and have been looking into the possibility of buying a house in the near future. (Yes yes...unmarried scum! how dare you enter into such a sacred investment opportunity without a ring on your finger! next thing you know you'll be giving birth to babies with horns and tails!)

Our plan had always been to stick around this house and be able to shop around without any pressure. This obviously puts a slight (ok, major) crimp in those plans. I've become sort of zen about the whole thing. I'm too stressed to worry anymore. We've looked around a bit at houses and are going to see one we really like this weekend. Hey, if we love it maybe we'll just buy it on the spot. Here's a check for half a mill. No worries. Take it. I've got plenty of extra cash lying around. Most likely we'll end up renting again...and then moving again soon.

This past couple of weeks have been incredibly exhausting filled with job stress, house stress, travel and that stupid flu thing that's been going around, but we were able to break up all the ickyness with a trip to New York for Chris' nephew's baptism.

Meet Brian William LaMons.


Passed out on Aunt Jess' lap.

I'm fairly certain this is the cutest thing ever.

That water's cold!!!

Proud parents, god parents and that mean guy with the cold water.

Exhausted. You and me both, kid.

Can you tell they're related? Sidenote: It was f'ing COLD in NYC!

Right before we left it warmed up to almost 60 degrees! So we took a walk through Central Park. The sun was trying desperately to peek out from behind the clouds....and then it started POURING. It was time to leave the windy apple.

A big shout out goes to Dustin P. Montez for taking super duper good care of Indy during our multiple airplane delays and 12 hour trip home.


Meghan said...

dude, those are great pictures! and the little bambino is adorable!!

good luck looking at houses this weekend. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out exactly how you want. :)

Megan said...

Seriously, the little guy is so freakin' precious. You and Chris look like naturals! *cough*

Keep us posted on the house hunt! Good luck!

So good to see you on Saturday. I love you. You are beautiful. Have I told you that lately? :)