Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why you should never put your cell phone in your back pocket. By Jessica Lee.

After a relatively short, albeit tiring day of being on set yesterday, I went out to eat with my friend and coworker to avoid rush hour traffic on the 405 at 6:30pm. We had a lovely dinner at a vegetarian restaurant in Redondo Beach and hopped on the 405 only to be confronted with bumper to bumper traffic (but it was 8:30!!) and full bladders. We hopped off the freeway to try an alternate route and stopped at a Carl's Junior to relieve ourselves.....where I proceeded to.... phone.... in the toilet.... of a public Carl's Junior bathroom.

The answers to your questions:

yes. I fished it out with my hands.
yes. i disinfected it when i got home.
no. i don't feel like it's clean.
yes. i'm repulsed and still shudder when i have to touch my phone. (please don't call me)
yes. it seems to be working.

I feel like someone. I'm not going to name names (points to the sky) is laughing at me and my life.

thank you (bow) thank you (bow).


Megan said...

OMG I am cracking up. Priceless! I love you!

Chris and Angela said...

LOL - It looks like a very clean bathroom for a Carl's Jr. It could have been a lot worse :-)

Nathan said...

i am so so so sorry - no amount of purell can make this situation better.

Dave said...

A few bathroom germs never hurt, Jess. Just don't lick your phone as much from now on... I'm more concerned that you're eating food at Carl's Jr.

"T-Bone" Lee said...

....i had just finished a healthy meal at a vegetarian restaurant. no one should be eating at carls junior...although those criss cut fries are pretty good.

Meghan said...

LOL!! oh Jess... hehehe... but seriously? how could someone - not naming names - NOT laugh at you? as Megan said: Priceless!! :)

Linus Lau: jackhammer said...

That's unfortunate

I just wanted to write and say I like how your blogs now have evolved into plays, complete with stage actions and an interactive section for your audience.

Daniel Lee said...


Meghan said...

I just wanted to thank you for this important life've taught me so many! Great blog! By the way, I'm tagging please post 7 random things about yourself at your earliest convenience!