Friday, January 30, 2009

Venting...and why group lunches are a "no go".

I just returned from a going away lunch for a coworker that has left me beyond irritated. An expensive restaurant was suggested for the large lunch and I, of course, decided to join the group but kept my meal on the cheap end. I ordered a cup of soup,  split an appetizer with a friend and kept with the free water. Other people ordered full entrees that average at this restaurant around $15-18. Other people ordered cokes...or MARGARITAS! It was only after the meal that I was told "everyone owes $17.50". I said, "are you joking????". I even tried to object, but was completely ignored. I am so pissed off. That extra $7 or $8 is a whole other meal...and it's even more than the's the principle of the thing. This is a group where half of us are being told we are out of a job soon...and then this....sprung on me by people with job security who are probably paid a significant amount more than I am. Not to mention I paid more than I owed and other people paid less and had more. I AM SO LIVID. happy friday.


Nathan said...

you've lived a friends episode. what's up feebie.

Megan said...

I was just thinking exactly what Nate wrote.

That SUCKS. I'm sorry.

Linus Lau: jackhammer said...

Group lunch situations are evil. It's a total parallel to communism and I'm sad it happened to you. This is why when I go out I resign myself to overpaying and entitling myself to act like a complete jackass. This way, nobody will ever invite me places anywhere. Problem solved.

I think I just spoke with Schrute-voice there. But seriously, sorry.