Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We've been doing a lot of work on the house since we got the keys and admittedly since moving in progress has slowed. Working during the day and coming home to dust is not fun, but we've been trying to keep at it and although things move slowly, we're getting there. Our first project was to replace the baseboards and door/window trim in the master bedroom. The old baseboards were beat up and falling off and the window trim was caked with most likely 64 years of paint. We pulled everything off and repaired holes in the walls. We've been doing all the work ourselves and I have to say...I'm incredibly impressed with Chris' ability to work a miter saw and my own skills using wood filler to hide nail holes.  Take a look.
(dog not included in the sale)


The next project was the bathroom. When we first saw the house we figured that within a month we would be able to completely gut the bathroom and redo it ourselves. Then as we started in on the master bedroom we got a big dose of reality. Not only the reality of how time consuming DIY home improvement is, but also how each trip to Lowe's was adding up. We've decided to wait on the complete gutting of the bathroom until early next year, but since the original tub was beige/pink and reeeally gross, the sink ugly, dirty and corroding and the paint color a lovely shade of neon salmon, something needed to be done. So I re-glazed the tub myself, Chris and his dad installed a new sink top and faucet, and we painted the vanity and walls. Survey says?

Next on the list is new baseboards, trim and paint in the living room and then a mini facelift on the kitchen until we can completely gut that sucker too. More photos to come I'm sure. Happy Wednesday!


Daniel Lee said...

It's looking great!

Jackie said...

OMG,Jess and Chris!!!! I am sooooooo impressed! You both have done such a wonderful job and all your hard work looks great! You are very brave to take on these projects by yourself. But now you know you can do anything! Have fun in your new home. Oh, and by the way, when can we come see it? :o)

Linus Lau: jackhammer said...

Chris with a saw? That's like allowing a monkey to captain a yacht.