Monday, May 11, 2009

I fought the lawn and the sun won.

Over the last couple months, as we've watched our backyard whither and die, I would stare out of our bedroom sliders or the kitchen window, shake my head and make comments about how we should really get to work on the backyard because pretty soon we'd have to accessorize with some beer cans and cigarette butts to accompany the dead grass, giant holes and empty flower beds.

It didn't really hit me until I realized that the state of our backyard was bothering me more than any other project in our house, that we really needed to get on that. We spent a big chunk of the weekend doing some hefty landscaping...which included complete removal of ferns from one of the flower beds (not and easy task I tell you), transplanting a 100lb (it took both of us to move it) Iris from a pot into the yard, planting some pretty flowers and bushes, reseeding and fertilizing the lawn and fencing off the whole darn thing so Indy could stay out of it.

Saturday we worked later in the afternoon as it cooled down and it was nice.....

Sunday I tried to get an early jump on I headed outside around 10am....wearing a long sleeve it got hotter i took off the long sleeve shirt.......not realizing all of a sudden it was 1:00 in the afternoon. 

You know how they say you should avoid the sun during the hours of 10:00am and 3:00pm because the sun's rays are the worst?

You should listen to them.
I should listen to them. 
If only there were some kind of creme or lotion I could have put on to prevent this whole thing....

($10 says I get a lot of lectures about skin cancer out of this post)


TLee said...


Jackie said...

DOUBLE ouch!!!!
Better this happen now than the first day of that dream vacation you are going on. Now, you know what you need to take with you in your beach bag as you lay on that great beach in a few weeks.

Good for you for getting to work on your backyard. I have a great tip for keeping big dogs off new lawn and from digging holes...lay garden fencing DOWN on top of the lawn. My big dogs wouldn't walk on it much less dig through it. They would just knock it down or jump over it if it was upright. St. Augustine lawn is awesome grass with dogs and kids, grows well in SoCal and spreads on its own if someone digs a hole in the middle of the lawn. :) Just FYI!

"T-Bone" Lee said...

That is really great advice about putting the fencing down on TOP of the lawn!!

Indy doesn't realize he can knock it down and he's not a one he found a way around it but we've been able to block everything off so far.

We laid blue grass (?) down? I'll look into the St. Augustine though....

Violet Femme said...

OWWWWWW!!! Looking at that sunburn hurts me.