Thursday, September 17, 2009

And then my head exploded. The end.


What a whirlwind this past month (has it been a month? longer? huh? where am I?) has been. LOTS going on and it makes it hard that some of it I'm not yet cleared to discuss on the very public forum of "internet" so whenever I've started writing a blog post and wanted to talk about all the cool opportunities and possibilities that are a-brewin I get stuck. Stuck because everything is so intertwined and to mention one thing leads to discussing all sorts of other things....

So let's stick to one topic we can all get behind....WEDDING PLANNING!

I never really realized just how sucked into the vortex of wedding gabledegook I would be....especially so early on. The even CRAZIER thing is how we're totally not even way ahead of schedule on things. Last weekend I went shopping for wedding dresses for the first time thinking "this is nuts! this is too early to be looking" only to find out it takes 6-8 MONTHS! (not weeks. MONTHS) to get the dress once you've picked it out. Sure you can do it later...but it'll cost you in rush fees to ship and then rush alterations and blah blah blah we'll charge you for anything cuz it's your one special day and we know you'll pay it!! hahaha!

I do have to say though it's all very fun and exiting and I'm really into the whole planning process...I just wish I had more TIME and didn't have this pesky JOB! that keeps getting in the way of all the fun things I want to do. I can totally see how wedding planning drives people crazy though....with all the details and the minutiae that can swallow you whole. As a "planning" type of person I find it fun. I spend every single day planning out elaborate shoots for a show I have no personal invested interest in...and with THIS  I get to plan something that actually matters to me quite a bit! Which is awesome! It's even better that Chris actually cares about the details and has opinions! and input!...sure it's hard to get him motivated after a long day to play ball this far out from the date, but he does care.

Me: "here! look at this officiant's website!" 
Chris: "mmmhmmm...i'm downloading the Beatles remastered!"

.....I swear I am marrying my father.

Yesterday I finally sent in our contract with our venue to lock this thing down! It's official. We're getting married. Location: √.

This weekend we'll be up north for a friend's wedding....I'll also be traipsing off to do some more dress shopping with my mom while in town. Squee!!!! I feel like a five year old playing dress up and it's AWESOME!

Next week we've got two meetings set up with photographers! Yay! This is something we're totally excited about (photography...not the actual meetings...the meetings will probably be kind of tedious). The photography of our wedding is one of my big priorities...and I think Chris' too...and I'm thrilled at the possibility of having some really cool stylized wedding photography to stare fondly at when I'm 80. :)

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TLee said...

can't recommend alex johnson enough: he's OUTSTANDING - fun, honest, flexible, great with people, and best of all, no bullshit. and he travels! ALL OVER!

at least meet him in person - you won't be sorry! :)