Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You didn't ask...but I'll tell you.

Whoever said shopping for a wedding dress is fun clearly has never gone shopping with me. 

At this point I would have to say I've tried on about 70 dresses....At a recent appointment I asked the consultant how many dresses most girls try on. She said "maybe 10-15"...and my only response was "at a time?" I thought for sure she must be joking....10 dresses before you find THE dress? THE dress that makes you feel like the best version of yourself? THE dress that will knock your just about to be husband's socks off as you walk down the aisle? I asked Lil Meg over the weekend how many she tried on....6-10 she said. WHAAAAAAA????? There must be something wrong with me. I asked her this during one of the most frustrating shopping trips. 

Up until this point all the consultants had been completely over the top helpful...even if they were off base or misguided, but as we headed to one store I had the displeasure of being "helped" by someone who as I gave her a rundown of my likes and dislikes stared at me as though I had just told her that I would be wearing a white bikini, lucite platform heels and a boa constrictor down the aisle...and I wanted her help picking just the right boa constrictor to compliment the flashing lights in the heels. She could not have been more confused and after saying at least four times to both me, my family and other consultants "i'm stumped. i have no idea what to pull" ultimately an hour later basically just said. "ok. thanks. we're done. bye". I left feeling pretty frustrated. 

At this point.....where do we stand? Well I'm glad you asked....because while I've finally had some success.....I've now reached a stand still. Over the weekend I tried on three dresses that I love. But which one is the dress? do you know? People say you just know....but HOW do you know??????? What if there is another dress out there?....a better dress....THE dress. You go into these stores and try on dresses that don't fit....they roll the fabric up in the back with pins and clips and tell you "it'll look like this...this isn't the color it will'll fit here...we can have the seamstress do this and this and this....." and how do women make this decision????? While in one of the stores another girl who was trying on dresses mentioned she had tried on over 100 dresses....but ultimately we were there when she chose THE dress....she made a decision....and while that dress looked wonderful on her....i would have bet there were other dresses that looked amazing on her HOW!!!!! I am dying to just ask my bridesmaids and mom which one I should go for....but ultimately it's my decision and they are wonderful enough to hold there tongues about their preference until I ask....but maybe that's the test...maybe when someone says "i like THIS one better.....and my gut goes "noooo you should have said the OTHER one!"....then I'LL know which one I like......or maybe I just need to try on more dresses.....when does it stop???? 

NOTE: does this post make me seem neurotic and crazy? like maybe I'm over thinking this just a weeeee bit too much? does? well, yea....welcome to what chris gets to have for the next 80 years. tell him congratulations. :)


Meghan said...

what exactly is wrong with a white bikini, lucite heels (with lights!) and a boa constrictor? oh right, too formal. silly me.

personally, i wish i had tried on 70+ dresses. and i'm not just saying that! on your wedding day, when you look AMAZING, you are going to be so glad you took your time and made sure it was the right one. you don't want to feel like you made a rush decision. i promise you that.

i also promise that you will be the most beautiful bride ever. that's the Lil' Meg Guarantee and you can take that to the bank ;)

TLee said...

dude, ditto to lil' meg's comments! but i'll also add this tidbit - i would not, could not, have made the decision on THE dress without input from my momma and my sis. i needed verification, needed to know for sure, without a doubt, that i had picked the right one. and when i thought i had finally decided, and i finally asked for their inputs, i sure was glad i did. because why? because they LOVE me - and they want me to look HOT AS HELL walking down that isle. no way they'd steer me wrong, else pay the price forever more. :)

i'm just sayin' - we're here, with opinions and inputs ... you just say the word! until then, know that you are drop dead gorgeous - and even if you did decide to wear the bikini and light-up heels and boa?

you'll knock his socks off. and he'll thank his lucky stars he picked you, and think he couldn't possibly love you any more than he does at this moment... and then he'll wake up the next morning, loving you even more. love's crazy, isn't it?!?


Dustin said...

wow. sounds like fun...

But, I'm sure you'll find the perfect one.