Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilates speaking

Have you noticed that I've been, shall we say, absent lately? If you were to see me in person you would have noticed a slight glazed over, exhausted look on my face as I stumbled through the last four months of my life trying not to fall over in the middle of conversations. I've been working towards a new direction in that I really hope makes me a happier person, a better partner and eventually (I said EVENTUALLY PEOPLE!) a more available both furry and not furry children. In addition to working full time I've been getting certified to teach Pilates. And that, my friends, is why this blog has fallen slightly to the wayside.....well and because in addition to the working and Pilates (which occupies every night after work as well as my Saturdays and Sundays), we have this little thing called a wedding we've been trying to plan...gah! Not to mention Christmas!
So my point is that is that last night I took my final test and PASSED!! YAY!!

I still have a lot of practice teaching and observation hours to complete before I'll be fully certified to teach and it's not like my life is going to get any less busy anytime soon, but last night I passed the test that I've spent the last four months working towards and that feels so good. Merry Christmas to me!


I don't know why I had to add just made me laugh...


Megan said...

So proud of you that all your amazing hard work has paid off! Of course, your whole fam knew it would. :) Love you much - congratulations!!

Dustin said...


Violet said...

Congratulations!! Pilates is so much fun and with your bubbly personality, you'll be great.