Friday, November 13, 2009

Grover On Marriage

Planning this wedding started off fun and exciting...but I admit.... I've hit a wall. I'm overwhelmed by the decisions and the seemingly vast number of tasks ahead of us and the very limited amount of free time we both have.  The problem is that there seems to be an endless to do list with each and every decision requiring careful thought, discussion, planning, meetings and hours of back and forth conversation. I find myself starting one task (DJs!), getting overwhelmed and moving on to a different one (HONEYMOON!) and then a different one (INVITATIONS!). It's easy to get lost in what it all means...and I'm trying to constantly remind myself that the important part is that we're getting married and that all the people we love most will be in one place cheering us on ( would it be tacky to give everyone foam #1 hands to sport during the ceremony?)...and that is awesome.

Well that sounds nice....I'll sign on for that!. :)


Violet said...

I love it. Foam fingers for one and all...and the added benefit is that it serves as a wedding favor :)

Dad said...

Yep, that's pretty much what marriage is about...hugging, kissing, helping. Are you sure that's what you want, Jess? The kissing and hugging are great, but, man, the helping part is tough! xoxoxo Dave & Jackie

I am Sam said...

awwwe. that clip was sooo adorable!

since rice is still a no go in this great state why not have foam fingers instead!!!

Wifey Wiferson said...

I love love love this description. Everything seems simpler and more lovable with muppets.