Thursday, October 4, 2007

Kickball Update

Sparked by Tracy's comment we should stop for a moment to reflect on the passing of another kickball season. This season was SOOO much more fun than the last due in main part to a team full of good people who not only care about the game, but care about eachother and care about having some good old fashioned F-U-N.

We arrived back from Yosemite just in time to play our second game of the playoffs...and WHAT a game it was!!! Until the 4th inning we were up 2-0 when a tragic error allowed the other team (the Rhinos?) to score 2. I actually had one of my better games this season and had two nice bunts and saw a little action in the outfield. After we finished the 5th inning tied we went into extra innings. Each consecutive extra inning finished in a tie. Apparently the person that wrote the "in the event of tie" section of the WAKA Kickball Rules was in a rush to go drinking and decided that the best way to settle a situation like this would be in a climactic game of "Ro Sham Bo" (aka "Rock, Paper, Scissors"). That's right folks. We lost an important kickball game- a game that would ultimately end our season- to a tragic throw of SCISSORS! Who throws SCISSORS?????

Sigh. Well. What can you do. The Championship would've been in Vegas....but who wants to go to VEGAS!? Phsssspt...certainly not MEEEEEE!!!!!!! grrr....oh well. It's nice to have my Mondays and Wednesdays back.

Let's take a look at a few priceless moments. Cue Green Day's "Time of Our Lives".

I rotated those pictures. Blogster rotated them back. Stupid blogster.

P.S. Nate and Tracy: That episode of Kitchen Nightmares made me gag. Seriously SO VILE!!
P.P.S. Did I mention that Tracy did the dishes all weekend? I'll cook for her any day if she cleans up after me. :):):) Thanks T!


Megan said...

Way to clean up, Sister Girl! :)

Linus Lau said...

I have never seen an action shot of Chris ever.

Way to go capturing that with your Zeiss 6000 with a shutterspeed of 1/34000 to make it look like he was moving.