Monday, October 1, 2007


We're safe and sound at home after a terrific Yosemite vacation and I'm dealing with those mixed feelings that always hit just after a vacation. I'm ready to be home, but a little overwhelmed and stressed at the idea of having to deal with real life again. You mean I don't ALWAYS live in a beautiful house in the forest away from people, traffic and pollution surrounded only by furry critters and trees? Bummer. That's a real disappointment, but let's focus on the good- just how AWESOME these past four days have been.


It took us a bit longer to get up to Yosemite due to a slow Togos line, a distracting GAP outlet, an impossible to find bathroom and a disappearing highway onramp, but we made it and met up with Nate and Tracy around 2:30pm. We had a couple hours to kill before we could settle into the house so we went on a short hike (just a couple miles) to chat and download eachother on the "how's work?", "how's the house and dog?", "you're pregnant. that's weird". You know, the usual. We unpacked at the house around 4pm, made a grocery list for the next few days and headed into town to pick up the necessities- groceries and scary movies.
Dinner: Spaghetti (a la Jess), garlic bread (a la Nate) and Caesar Salad (a la A Bag).
Movie: Vacancy.


Nate and I started this day off with some coffee and good conversation while we waited for the lazy bums...I mean...loving significant wake up. After a hearty breakfast we headed into Yosemite for some cycling and a bit of hiking. A 2 mile hike may sound short, but it was basically a vertical ascent. We were, however, rewarded with some terrific views and some classic conversation. After 4 or 5 hours in the park we headed home.
Dinner: Tri Tip (a la Chris), mashed potatoes (a la Nate) and Mexican Fiesta Salad (a la Tracy's recommendation and...a bag.)
Movie: The Descent.


We decided to take it a little easy this day. We started off with a relaxing breakfast and a dip in the highly cloroxed hot tub. Seriously folks...we're talking burning lungs and tarnished rings. We all wanted a more relaxing hike and less of a drive so we headed to the closer Sequoia forests in Yosemite. These trees are amazing and some are even thousands of years old. Just incredible. We had planned to take one night off from cooking so we went into Oakhurst and had dinner at Crab Cakes. Good bread and Clam Chowdah. Crappy crab...or...CRABBY Crab....hehehehehehehe.....sorry...I digress..We capped this night off with some wine and s'mores by the fire. It was cold. I was wearing a tank top, short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, hoodie sweater, Chris' zip up hoodie and Nate's ski jacket....and two pairs of socks. After all that I was actually pretty toasty.


The weather really cooperated for our boating plans. We rented a pretty sweet boat and spent 5 hours on the lake waterskiing and relaxing. My only other attempt to waterski was in high school and I couldn't even get up on the skis. I was frustrated with my first attempt this time around and couldn't quite make it up, but on the second dive in the ARCTIC water I got up and had a few good runs! This is something I could really get into. Chris had the longest ride of all and Nate looked like a pro making sharp turns and jumping the wake on his one ski. Trace and I were so proud!

What a terrific time. I really needed to get out of LA for a little bit and take some time to recharge with good company, good conversation and some clean fresh air. It was great to get to spend some quality time with N & T and really get to know each other a little more.

I love these guys!!!


Nathan said...

great post. wheres the movies?!

TLee said...

what about "Dishes a la TLee"???

how was kickball??

Megan said...

Yes, I noticed there were no "dishes a la T". Heeheee!! There wouldn't have been any "dishes a la Midge" if I'd been there either. :) Although I would've given some great suggestions for scary movies.

Looks like SUCH a great trip! I am so bummed we missed it. Next time for sure!

xoxoxo Love you