Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barack and Roll!

I realized last night as I was brushing my teeth (I do some of my best thinking while brushing...) that I had a knot in my stomach. A nervous, excited knot. I felt the same way I did when I was a kid on Christmas Eve. All the anticipation and potential. I believed when I was little that I would wake up in the morning and there would be a horse with a red bow on its head standing in our living room. I really firmly believed it was possible. I'd begged and pleaded for a horse and that night before Christmas my little body could barely contain the excitement at the mere possibility that my parents may have decided that it would be a good idea to bring a large farm animal into our small house in the middle of the suburbs. I felt the same way last night in anticipation of today's election. All the possibility. The possibility that something amazing could happen today. Except this time it's much more of a reality than a horse in my living room. Seriously, what would I have done with the horse? Ride him and love him and name him Artex, that's what. 

I waiting for almost two hours this morning to vote and while it was slightly irritating (mostly just due to the poor organization of the polling place)  I was excited to see so many people coming out to make their voice heard. Young, old, black, white, Prada and Kmart all coming together to make their mark on American history. I've never waited in line to vote. Not even for a few minutes...and like many other Americans I've seen on the news, I couldn't have been happier to do it. This election marks a change in American history....we will either elect our first African American President (fingers crossed) or the first female Vice President (lord save us). I am excited at the idea that the American people are about to stand up to the last 8 years and give Bush the collective middle finger. Let's get us out of Iraq, let's get our economy back on track and let's regain the respect of the world at large. The time has come.

Obama 08.


Megan said...


Meghan said...

when isn't it good idea to bring a large farm animal into a small house in the middle of the suburbs??

yay for No on 8!!!!

Chris and Angie said...

YES!! We made history! We have our first African American President!
We are still waiting on Prop 8, fingers crossed.

You got your little horse Jessie, you named him Indy instead of Artex :-)

I love you. Mom