Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oooh spppoooooky....

Indy was Halloween's star at my office Friday when he showed up (I had no idea!) in his Indiana Jones costume!

"It belongs in a museum mommy!!!"

Chillin....chewing his bone...completely content in his ridiculous little outfit.

Speaking of ridiculous outfits....... we had a little office party on Friday in honor of the holiday.

Why are you wearing that stupid human suit?

The cool kids....clearly....

Well...that was halloween. We didn't do much....stayed home Friday night and went to Dan's halloween party on Saturday...I showed up in a McCain/Palin Tshirt, with a black eye and a backwards B on my face....if you don't get it you need to watch the news more. 

Otherwise not a terrible lot going on here....more to come tomorrow I'm sure....

Happy Halloween and don't forget to vote!


Daniel Lee said...

Indiana Jones outfit on a dog named Indy:

Great Halloween costume, or GREATEST Halloween costume?

Chris and Angie said...

I vote for PERFECT Halloween costure. :-)
And speaking of voting...don't forget to do it.

Chris and Angie said...

What a great bunny costume for you Jessie.