Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can!

On this November 5th, 2008 I am prouder to be an American than I have been in the last 26 years of my life. Last night I was witness to history being made. America has spoken and has demanded change and I couldn't be happier.

As I watched McCain's concession speech I couldn't help feel a little sorry for him. I watched as the old McCain made a brief appearance. He was classy and eloquent. He spoke from his heart and his admiration and respect for Obama seemed genuine. It was the first time in many many months McCain seemed Presidential. If he had resisted the urge to pander to the extreme right of the Republican party and had shown this level of integrity during his campaign he may have actually had a chance of winning. Instead he stooped to the level of many of his supporters with mean spirited ads that played fast and loose with the truth and created only a more divided America. Those supporters were the ones booing when McCain mentioned his respect for Barack Obama. They booed and even in the shadow of defeat McCain couldn't bring himself to stand his ground and ask the crowd to be quite and show the President Elect the respect he very much deserves. And that, is a big reason McCain lost (big time) last night. But that's where my sympathies for that old coot end. He made a big mistake in Sarah Palin and I am glad this country dodged that bullet.

We are a better country today than we were yesterday and I firmly believe we've begun the healing process both Nationally and Globally. I didn't vote for Barack Obama just because of his tax plans or his ideas about universal healthcare, but also because he has plugged into what this country needs: hope and inspiration. It's time for a President that can bring tears to the eyes of jaded 20 somethings. It's time for a President that says things like "I will listen to you ESPECIALLY when we disagree". It's time for a President who can form coherent sentences and doesn't stumble clumsily through every day of his weasely little life....sorry...I digress.

Today is a bittersweet sweet day though. As happy as I am about being able to call Barack Obama our new President I am disappointed with the current results for Proposition 8. I wanted to keep this post positive and hopeful, but I can't help but feel deeply wounded that so many Californians voted for a constitutional change to EXCLUDE a minority. This is not what I would have wished, but we cannot lose hope that the remaining votes still to be tabulated will change the ultimate outcome or that the Supreme Court will one more time overturn what clearly is a discriminatory ban on gay marriage. One day we will all truly see each other as day...I don't think it will be within my lifetime, but I will do everything within my power to make sure my children will see that day. If this election proves anything it is that we are making progress....yes we can. 

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Dave said...

This is a wonderful post, Jess. I shared similar feelings to yours as I listened to McCain's concession speech; he was gracious and humbled. (It was interesting that we didn't get a wink or a "Gotcha" from the presumptive 2012 Republican nominee). And Obama was simply outstanding. Yep, yesterday was proud day for all Americans. And while I share your dismay over the voting results for Prop 8, we need to go one step at a time. I'm sure that John Lewis and Jesse Jackson never dreamed they'd see an African-American President when just 45 years ago they couldn't sit in the front of a bus. Right?