Friday, April 17, 2009

Can you dig it?

When we first saw our house the backyard was lush and thriving. A backyard to be somewhat relatively proud of. Not without it's flaws (too much concrete and a bit "square" for my personal taste), but green and alive. With all the rain we got in Jan/Feb we had turned off our sprinklers and now that we've returned to normal dry southern california weather of course our sprinklers aren't working. Something has gone awry. So naturally our lawn has become a dust bowl. And what does Indy love to do but dig in dirt. He won't dig in the grass or where there are flowers...the little sucker has some respect for landscaping, but every evening when I get home from work there's more and more evidence of what he's been occupying his day with. 

This, my friends, is how my dog kills time...or shows us he's bored. If it's an escape attempt, it's a pretty bad one. 

"I'm digging to China!! Right after this nap......zzzzz...."
(shhh...he's not aware they eat dogs in parts of China.....I would tell him but he might have nightmares)

And look! On a completely unrelated note....we have our first two apricots growing on our apricot tree!!
It kinda looks like Indy's tiny little balls before we had them chopped off!
........what?.......... is that weird?

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