Monday, June 15, 2009

This has got to be some kind of joke....

Years ago I had a conversation with a friend about fashion and how trends are cyclical (I know, fascinating) and we wondered whether the 80's would come back. I assumed that like most fashion trends from by gone eras some of the key pieces that could blend easily into modern styles would make a come back, but truly dated things like giant hair sprayed bangs, heat sensitive shirts and MC Hammer pants would stay firmly where they belonged. I may have been wrong. This may only be true of Los Angeles where most people are fashion sheep, but I am consistently shocked and appalled at some of the things I've seen people wearing. 

On a related sidenote, I subscribe to the daily email "Daily Candy" which sends out emails regarding new restaurants, bars, stores and trends based on your location. I've found Daily Candy to be hit or miss in terms of my own personal style, but have discovered some of my favorite restaurants and bars through these emails and have gotten some great gift ideas from the style geared posts. 

Today, however, my faith in Daily Candy plummeted and I lost a lot of respect for the publishers when I was alerted to the existence of...the Cap Sac. 

The 80's... in all their neon fanny pack glory....are back.

And it's not pretty.

Let me break it down for's a shapeless nylon cap...with a zippered pouch....on your head. I swear to god if I see one asshole (like these assholes) in LA wearing this I'll smack it off his/her useless face and send them back to the midwest, where this monstrosity belongs. What's that you say? It's ironic? No. It's stupid and you look stupid in it.

Visit their website! It's here Go ahead. Give them hits! It's funny! But know that every time you buy one of these offensive pieces of crap, a puppy dies.


Megan said...

OMG. I'm cracking up. That thing is horrendous!!

Sadly, I could totally see my husband (with his road cone orange t-shirt and plaid shorts) wearing one of these.

Daniel Lee said...

That would look great with my crocs!