Tuesday, July 24, 2007


There is nothing worse than spending a gorgeous summer weekend with body aches and golf balls in your throat. The golf balls were my fault though...thought it would be a fun experiment.

We had our first kickball game of the season on Monday and despite still not feeling well I couldn't bail on my Nuts & Honeys. We played the reigning champions "Awesome Helicopter Ninjas". They're a great team and the first inning saw a score of 2-1 in their favor...unfortunately it stayed that way and couldn't claim a "W". I didn't see much action in the outfield (did catch some mean fireflies though) but I did kick a nice bunt that got me on base...and tore up my quad muscle in the meantime. A combination of four days of body aches, a weakened immune system and just generally being out of shape led me to pull my right quad BIG TIME as I sprinted to first. I felt like a giant sissy as I limped to the dugout with legs that felt like they engulfed in flames. The leg's feeling better now, a little stretching and some time off will have me up and running for our next game on Monday. I think it's going to be a good season.


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Nathan said...

i didn't know kickball had dugouts - i thought it was just people standing on the side.

damn i want to play some kickball.