Thursday, July 19, 2007

PTizzle South Sizzle

So today is a big day...and a bit of a sad day...we moved our office for Secrets That Sell from the main Pie Town building into the outcast stepchild office of Pie Town South....which has now been dubbed Pie Town South Central. It's actually ON the opposite side of the tracks...ok..the opposite side of the metro line, but STILL! Our new office is far too small for four desks and we are all LITERALLY squished into our respective corners. My poor boss' new office is still attached to ours, but resembles the offices from "Joe vs The Volcano" with no windows and only one flickering fluorescent's just so depressing. The only upside is that the parking is better and I now face into the office rather than having people passing behind me all the time. Hopefully it's only temporary.

The summer season of kickball officially starts on Monday and we had our first practice yesterday. For those of you who don't know...I played on a kickball team last season called The Wonderballz. It was made up of Pie Town employees and some extras, but it wasn't all it should have been. No one really cared about the games or had any kind of team spirit. So this season I've joined the Nuts and Honeys. The official name is: Sofa King Nuts and Honeys: Your Mom Edition. The "your mom edition" was unintentionally spawned by yours truly...who has a tendency to respond to comments with phrases like, "your mom" and "your face". Our first game is this Monday and after practice it's become even more evident that I need to start working out again....i'm actually sore from all the lunges! Anyway...I'll be sure to keep everyone informed about the season....GO NUTS!....and honeys!

P.S. I was saddened to read in a comment on my page that two people who are very important to me felt left out by my previous post about friendships and appreciating the people that matter. Especially since these people are like my second parents...well...they're my godparents. So Dave and Jackie...I want you to know that you weren't left out of my post because you don't matter....I actually looked for a picture of you both, but don't have one on my computer. However, because I do want to make sure you feel loved...I've created an artist's rendering of a picture of the three of us.

I'm truly pleased at how Dave's hair turned out.


The Godparents said...

Okay, sweet goddaughter, all is forgiven. We, too, love the picture. Not only do you have Jackie's height correct, but my hair and massive guns are prominently displayed. Well done, young one. xoxoxoxo

TLee said...

oh my sweet good god! i am cracking up - this is so spot on!

Dave said...

P.S. Jess, that lovely portrait of Jackie and me is now our desktop photo. We love it!

Megan said...

OMG THIS IS THE MOST HILARIOUS THING I'VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME!!!!!!!!! I am cracking up at my desk. My Mom is so little.

And yeah...nice hair, Dad. And guns. Guns too, of course.

I miss you, Jess! xoxo