Monday, July 30, 2007

Parents, Puppies and Palo Alto.

This weekend Chris and I headed up to San Jose to log in some quality time with the rents and some friends...unfortunately I didn't take too many pictures...especially of the family time...:( but there were definitely some picts worth sharing.

Saturday we headed over to Meg and Rusty's to BBQ, catch up and watch the doggies play.

Indy finally met his cousins!!!! I call this photo, "It's too hot to play".

That night we took the train into Palo Alto...turns out Rusty was wrong about the train we got to hang out in the car for a good half an hour...turns out it's fun to give Rusty a hard time about being wrong.

Once we were finally in Palo Alto we met up with Katie at a terrible bar called Old Pro...on the plus side, Katie had already had a few drinks (always fun to watch) and the bar had a mechanical bull. Good times ensued. :)

On the train ride back rusty wanted to make sure we all knew who was right about the return train schedule.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing with my parents. We walked around Saratoga and had a nice lunch at Max's...where I was pleased to note their eclairs have DOUBLED in size. I still have yet to ever tackle one of these beasts...I think I'd need to set aside a week to handle one of those suckers.

Before I left though I promised my dad I would blog about his most astonishing accomplishment to date. His most excellent....wait for it....sock tan. He's convinced it's a sign of his athleticism and golfing skills. I'm sure it's a sign that he needs a bottle of self tanner...or maybe some flip flops.


And here...are just some cute photos from the ride home.

Weekends are never long enough. I propose a standard four day work week.


meghan said...

what an excellent summary of a GREAT weekend! and yes, its always fun to give rusty a hard time. it keeps his head from getting too big ;)

Daniel Lee said...

I am in full support of the four day work week. I have been proposing this for the last five years or so. It just makes sense.

Dave & Jackie said...

I've NEVER seen such a magnificent sock tan. If it were an Olympic event, I think Chris would be a gold medal winner...

Chris and Angela said...

you guys should see me in tennis shoes and black socks... now that's a treat!

Chris and Angela said...

Jessie you got the name of the picture wrong, it's not "it's too hot to play", they are having a "tongue" contest.
- "Look how big my tongue is"
- "Oh yeah? Look how long MY tongue is"
- "Excuuuse me, take a lock at mine AND I can turn my ears inside out!"

TLee said...

How about a 2 day work week with a 5 day weekend? Now THAT would make sense!

Megan said...

I second T's motion! Woot!

Umm...nice tan, Uncle Chris. That's hot!

Nathan said...

hahaha megs said woot - how geeky!