Monday, July 14, 2008

Sometimes it's just so hard...

I haven't uploaded any of the three pictures I took from our weekend getaway to San Diego just I'll hold off on blogging about how awesome it was for the time being.....instead I'd like to share a conversation I just had with my friend Sam over IM. 

My brother Dan posted on his blog a conversation with Linus and tried to get us all to see how frustrating a conversation with Linus can be, but after reading that conversation I just saw how frustrating talking to either Dan or Linus is. So now I will top his post...and show you fine people what I have to deal with on a daily basis.

JESS: mmm menchies

SAM: mun chi chis?

JESS: menchies. have you never gone to menchies?
SAM: no

JESS: well my dear

SAM: what is this you speak of?

it's frozen yogurt
and they have 10 rotating flavors and it's self serve
and so you get your yogurt
and you choose your toppings and do it all yourself
then you pay by the weight
pretty great

SAM: what is it with you and rotating foods?

JESS: what do you mean?
i like other rotating foods?

clikc on products then fritters

JESS: oh no. i know. i posted that
but i'm talking about the flavors are constantly changing!

SAM: watch the fritter rotate

JESS: iknow!

SAM: what?
constantly changing?

JESS: menchies. rotating flavors. as in...they are constantly changing the flavors
are you high?
you're high aren't you?

SAM: hahaha

JESS: i don't believe you

SAM: i still don't get it

JESS: what don't you get?

SAM: why would they do that?

JESS: so you have variety
of frozen yogurt flavors

SAM: ahhh
i was thinking it was this machine

JESS: oh sweet jesus sam

SAM: that rotated flavors or something
and then you said you could pick

JESS: hahahahaha
oh man
i'm crying

SAM: but i was confused as to how if all the flovors were changing
good times

JESS: too good
tooo good

SAM: i will be visiting there soon
it is almost a full moon and i gather i will want something sweet


I am Sam said...

it is not often one is brought to tears by a good laugh... you're welcome!

Daniel Lee said...

Yeah but MY blog has pictures of Linus topless.

Meghan said...

LOL! you guys are great. i'm feeling the need for a trip to LA coming on...

"T-Bone" Lee said...

yes! come! we miss you!

Linus Lau: jackhammer said...

i dont like being bloged about behind my back.

there is no greater honor than being IMed to by me.

it's like going to confession.

Anonymous said...

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