Thursday, July 31, 2008


It's that time of year again we do this every season...but it's still fun!! IT'S KICKBALL!!!!

Summer is the best time for kickball...I know what you're thinking...any time is a good time for  kickball...and you would be correct sir, but the warm nights make for less pulled muscles and more refreshing post game beers! This past Monday kicked off the Season 5 Summer 2008 kickball chaos. This season our theme is Nuts and Honeys: Prison Love. Big props to Sam for coming up with the theme as well as the idea for our striped prison pants and the awesome felt prison bars that go up around the dugout. Check it out:

Just a little bbq and lot of strips of felt...that's all. 

Very important top secret construction meeting.

The result. After lots and lots of hot gluing. That's a jail I would be proud to break out of!

She's in for aggravated assault. 25 to life.

First game of the season against Redrum. Tied 2-2.

These are the Nuts & Honeys. 
Don't drop the soap.


Meghan said...

Indy's your mascot!! I love it!

jackie said...

Good luck with your season, Jess!
Love that Indy has a shirt too!