Thursday, September 6, 2007

For Dog Owners...

I recently was introduced to a website that I think any and all dog owners need to at least peruse at some point. It's called It's a website dedicated to analyzing the ingredients of various dog foods and rating them on a six star scale (with 6 stars being the highest). They give you the ingredients and then a review analyzing whether the food is nutrionally sound.

Indy started having some...shall we say....digestive problems recently and I started to suspect the food we were feeding him. I'm not sure why, but having read about this site I thought I'd check it out. We had been feeding him Natural Balance, which was recommended by the people we adopted him from. Turns out the main ingredient in this food is grain (which also turns out is not part of a dog's natural diet) despite the first ingredient on the list being meat. We have since switched his food to one recommended by the site (I believe it's a 5 star food) called Canidae and not only does he OBVIOUSLY like it more, but no more digestive issues and he seems to have tons more energy (just what he needed!).

Anyway, if you own a dog or are thinking about getting a dog...check out the site. A friend of mine, who's dog hated her food and was having allergies, found out the food she was feeding her was pretty bad and switched to a 6 star variety....her dog gobbles up the food now and seems to be doing so much better. Yay! One doggie at a time!

We also mix in plain nonfat yogurt with Indy's food (for the toots) and Missing Link (a really awesome supplement with Omega-3)


Jackie said...

Oh my, Jess! I am feeding my dogs a 2star diet! Maybe that is why they are getting fat! (Nevermind that they sneak midday snacks of cat food and their "mom" has not been walking them like she should!) Thanks for the website. I will check it out more thoroughly this weekend.

Tatiana said...

Keep up the good work.