Saturday, September 1, 2007

The trouble with landlords....

Life has gotten a bit hectic and stressful in the last few weeks. Being an adult can really suck sometimes. This past week Chris and I found ourselves in a heated battle with our management company and landlord over Indy. We had told them we were going to get a dog and had gotten verbal permission and now that we were asking to have something fixed we were being told we needed to pay dog rent- an extra $50 a month on our already outrageous rent. What they did I'm pretty sure is illegal and above all else unethical, but when they threatened us with eviction and served us with a 3 day "get the dog off the property or get out notice" we had no choice but to surrender and agree to the extra rent. It's hard being the little guy with no lawyer on tap, no endless pool of financial resources and at the mercy of those we somehow own property.

The entire experience was an opportunity to learn some valuable lessons: 1.) Always get things in writing. 2.) Don't trust people who have the ability to make you homeless. 3.) As long as you're in a financially vulnerable situation there is always someone who will try to take advantage of you. 4.) I love my boyfriend for being the very calm and level headed yin to my outspoken and passionate yang. Aside from being out a few more bucks a month, everything turned out fine. We still have a roof over our heads and the cutest doggy ever.

We also found time before all this happened to paint our living room last weekend.

Note the really awesome peach walls...especially the orange in the entry way.

And after- Birchwood. ahhhhh sooothing.

Kickball has been plugging along. After a particularly devastating loss we turned it around last week in a riveting game that involved us coming from behind with a 4 run grand slam!!!! Some picts from earlier in the season.

I'll narrate this picture for you.
Chris: "Indy....Indy....sit....sit...seriously...SIT!"
Indy: "Play? Food? Trash? Play? What? What'd you say dad?"
Travis: "Gee! I love kickball! And ice cream! And puppy dogs!"
Dustin: " you know the way to the weight room....mumble grumble...when i was in the marines....".

Indy is an excellent coach...maybe next time he'll bring orange slices and capri suns.....if only he had opposable thumbs!!! damn these paws!!!

"I've got my seatbelt on and I'm ready for a car ride!!"'s been in the triple digits here in SoCal. 109 in the valley yesterday....that's 109 DEGREES!! I think we'll go abuse our friend's pool today. There may be some badass pictures of cannonballs for you later. :) If you're lucky.


Anonymous said...

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DJL said...

if only i knew more about contracts. but alas it has only been 2 weeks of law school. was that clause in your lease? ill keep an eye out for precedent in my contracts class. maybe we can sue when i learn what i am doing....

Meghan said...

loving the new paint job! and you flipped the room around! good choice :)

and indy is soooo cute! seriously, the pic of him in his seat belt?? to die for!!

Daniel Lee said...

I like Chris's hair. He looks like "evil Peter Parker" from Spider-Man 3.

Daniel Lee said...

Did I say "evil" Peter Parker? I meant to say "EMO" Peter Parker.