Monday, March 16, 2009

The answer is.....(drumroll)

Alrighty....for all you those waiting with bated breath...wringing your hands in sweaty anticipation of the answer to the math problem.....

I'll tell you tomorrow.

Just kidding. It's 10,990.


Meghan said...

what?!? okay, i'm slow. i totally don't get it!

"T-Bone" Lee said...

alright meg. I know you were a psych major so we'll walk through this.

in each backpack there are 7 big cats (7x4=28 legs) and 49 small cats (49x4=196 legs). So 224 cat legs in all in each backpack. And each girl has 7 backpacks(224x7=1,568). So each girl is walking around with 1,568 cat legs (weird). Plus her own two (1,570). And there are 7 girls (multiply by seven to get 10,990).

So how did you get 70?

kevin annis said...

that is funny... i went the other way. i had 7 girls with 7 BP = 49 bp... each with 7 big cats = 343 big cats, each with 7 small cats = 2401 small cats

= ((14*2)+(343*4)+2404*4))
= 10,990

Thérèse said...


#girls(2 legs) + (#girls(# backpacks(#bigcats x legs + (#littlecats)x legs)))=total #legs.

I must admit it took me a good five minutes to work it all out, but I didn't use a calculator. Hee.

Wow, I really cannot resists a math problem, can I? Even if it's solved.