Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've got a code in by dose.

Just as I was getting back into my running and working out routine last week... this week I feel like this:

Not that I'm wearing a suit and fancy hat....nor do I have a similarly dressed buddy sharing my congested pain sitting next to me at the moment(I'm hoping maybe later), but this was the best picture I could find to describe how I feel. I couldn't find a picture that encompassed the achy feeling, but I think we all understand. 

If I believed that taking a decongestant would do anything other than make me feel sleepy and/or wired at the same time I would haul ass to my local drug store. Instead I'll continue popping vitamin C and use my blog as a way to seek sympathy for my sucky cold that makes me not want to go running despite the consequences...which are that my dog will pace the living room all night making me feel guilty for neglecting his own exercise needs because "HELLO I'M TRAPPED IN THE HOUSE ALL DAY LONG BY MYSELF, MOMMY!" To which I will look at him and say "go do that crazy running around the tree and digging thing you do to release excess energy. You have my permission. Go dig". I'm an excellent mom....the prime example being when Indy was whining because Chris had left the room this morning to *gasp* take a shower and ohmygoddaddymightnotcomebackeverywherediddaddygomommyyouhavetogetupbecausedaddyleftus! this morning and I sat up and yelled "Indy! Shut the fuck up!".


David said...

So sorry you're not feeling well
Living a little slice of hell
That's the way it sometimes goes
Feeling real yucky in your nose
Keep resting and popping Vitamin C
And as for your dog, the crazy Indy
Let her run and get all muddy
Then go to the pound and get her...
a buddy!

Megan said...

I hope you feel better! :)

Chris and Angie said...

Baby, I hope you feel better soon!!!

I am Sam said...

Well... sometimes he just needs to shut the fuck up. :) I heart Indybones!

(Feel better!!!)

Dave said...

I have been informed that Indy is male, not female. Please forgive my error.

Did you get him a buddy?