Monday, March 30, 2009

Serious case of the Mondays...

I'm fairly certain there is nothing worse than the looming dread of facing another work week that settles in on a Sunday night....except maybe a Monday morning where you went to bed at 1:30 and dreamt about how much you just don't think you can make it through another work week...and pores. I dreamt about pores too (sidenote:In my dream I was looking in the mirror and was like "whoa! My pores are huge!" And then jumped into them through the mirror. I'm fairly certain Biore Pore Strips have expanded their marketing to include subliminal dream implants).


We had a BBQ for my birthday on Saturday and while setting a date for a party can be great motivation to get some projects done on the's EXHAUSTING! We'd been working steadily (think 9 hours last Saturday, 8 hours on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights after work until midnight) in order to finish the living room before our BBQ this past Saturday and my only plan for Sunday was to do nothing. Well, not the only thing. My agenda looked like this:

-wake up
-eat breakfast
-do nothing
-eat lunch
-do nothing
-go to my birthday dinner with Chris

It was everything I hoped it could be and more. I can almost get a glimpse into the future of having no looming home improvement projects and being able to *gasp* relax! I'll have pictures of the living room and party picts probably tomorrow since my Sunday apparently didn't include "upload picts and blog". I know you're probably devastated. Try not to cry.

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Meghan said...

yay for pictures!!! can't wait!!

hope you had a great time celebrating your birfday! :)