Friday, March 6, 2009

Pop! Pop!

I don't have a terrible lot to report today...although I wanted to keep with my promise of posting every day. I came in to work today at 7am to make calls to South Africa and by 2:00 am hitting my 4pm slump. Ugh. Maybe it's time for a pop tart. Anyone that knows my slight obsession with high fiber foods will be able to understand how excited I was to find this!: 

They taste just like regular pop tarts but have less fat and more fiber! My coworkers brought in cheesecake for a birthday and I passed it up in favor of one of these suckers...which doesn't say a TON since I don't really care for cheesecake, but damn I do love brown sugar pop tarts.


Meghan said...

now THERE is a fiber treat that i can get on board with. :)

Nathan said...

is it my interpretation of the small picture, or is that a really crappy sale?